off the beaten path in georgian mountains

Why ‘Devi Adventure’?

My name is Devi, and I’m half Indonesian and half German. I came to Georgia, in the Caucasus, in 2011 and headed straight for the mountains in the Northeastern part of the country, ancient mountain regions of Pshavi, Khevsureti, Tusheti and the lower-lying regions of Pankisi and the Shiraki plains.

Devi is an old Indonesian name from Sanskrit, and means Goddess or Princess. In Georgian mythology, Devi is a large, wild mountain creature. I love both meanings of my name, because I feel it reflects the style of tour I offer in Georgia’s mountain regions!

I have covered almost every part of these mountainous regions on foot, and as a result I know the areas as well as the locals. I want to share with you some of the knowledge I have built up over my years living and working in these mountains, offering custom-made adventures off the beaten track. I will introduce you to the locals I have lived among for years, so that you can experience the hospitality and unique character of these mountain peoples.

In addition to walking tours of the mountains, I can arrange tours for photographers and horseback riding trips. I also offer creative and artistic workshops with local artisan families as well as cooking or music lessons, introducing you to the unique, rich and diverse cultural heritage of the various tribes that call these mountains home.

I have learnt two of the local languages, including Georgian, and in addition to speaking German, English and Indonesian, I can communicate in French and Russian.

If you are a nature-lover, wild at heart, or simply want to get away from the noise of city life and experience the wild beauty of unspoiled nature – places so remote and untouched that they don’t even feature on maps – then get in touch to arrange a tour. Contact me and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Whatever you might wish to discover in these mountains, tell me and I’ll help make your trip to this unique part of the world as memorable and exciting as I can! None of my tours are ever the same, but they always offer good value and an unforgettable experience – memories that will last a lifetime.



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