For the tours, I try as much as possible to offer a mix between experiencing Georgia’s sites and lifestyle. I’m not interested in taking you through the usual or mundane because that is not what I find interesting. Instead, I will find great pleasure in showing you the country’s hidden treasures, adventure, legends, and locals — with an occasional tourist stop. Georgia’s beauty is nothing without its people and I will show you this land in the way that I see and feel it.

This year I have chosen different design to present you the tours.

zikr introduction

Even though Georgia has been an Orthodox Christian country since the 4th Century, several Muslim communities coexist there. Muslim Kist people live in Pankisi, the only place in the world where the traditional Sufi Zikr ceremony is celebrated by women, not men. If you are interested in learning more about these religious songs and other local folk songs, I will introduce you to the leader of the Pankisi ensemble, giving you the opportunity to learn about this ritual while you stay with a local Kist family. workzikr

cooking lessons chechen/tush food

By becoming a participant in the everyday life of mountain tribe families you will learn about the life, the customs and traditions in Georgian villages.



creative workshop in Dedoplistskaro minimum 3 days

People, who are interested in learning some of the handicraft which the local people still know and use, like felting or weaving with local artisans,I can help you with the contact. You will stay in a family, and during the day you will get lessons.
This offer includes transport, accomodation, food, assistance, lessons.This is possible all year starting in March. Minimum 5 people.

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creative workshop in Tbilisi/Alvani/Tusheti

A workshop created for those interested in not just spending time in Georgia to visit attractions but to learn traditional crafts from local artisans, eg traditional felting methods or the weaving of traditional motifs. These workshops can be customized to your interests and needs, either in Tbilisi or the Tush village Kvemo Alvani. These workshops are available year-round. In the summer the additional attraction is the beautiful mountain landscape of Tusheti. Three day minimum when in Tusheti.

description following soon

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